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Authorization failed

Key/Secret doesnt work

Crashes on iPhone 4

When loading stats for my cryptsy profile, the app crashes. The whole reason I bought the app doesnt work.

Worst than the real site on internet

Dont buy it. Very bad app

Functional but annoying

You can use this app to check the prices from the cryptsy, that does work... But the UI is annoying, and there isnt a way to filter out all the stuff you arent interested in. Also, even though I paid for this app a recent update added ads along the bottom, which makes the UI even worse and is very annoying.

One of my favourite app

It gets the job done, and it might be useful even if I was not a Cryptsy users. It would easily be worth five starts if I could select my favourite pairs to access them more easily, and set alerts on them (notify me if price drops/increase by 10%). Also, I miss Cryptsy graphics; candle charts and market depth...

Trading app

App works well, seems stable. Difficult to make trades quickly, password required every time.

jow to trade

i bought this app good so far. statistic wise. but cant trade. still hasnt figured how to

Too early for the app store and paid apps section

The app is almost useless, cant filter currencies, cant trade, does not show ticker graph. Not worth its price


This app is pointless. Just go to the cryptsy website.

Good, but could be better.

Easy to use and handy to have the market data with you. Suggestions: Add a dark mode, some graphs, stay at the same spot when you refresh

Does what it advertises; some features I want

I give it four stars. It gives you all the information you could need live. A couple features Id like to see in the future: *Set notifications on certain exchange rates (say when the LTC/BTC exchange drops) *Customize the markets you look at, the same as the website Overall good app

App works fairly well

The app works as intended for the most part. The new feature enabling you to use your public and private key to look at your personal balances and favorited exchanges to see does not seem to be working and gives an "ERROR- see post data" when inputting the correct and corresponding keys.

Does not work, possible scam?

Doesnt take perfectly good API keys, and has far too much access to you accord for a relatively unknown publisher Also, even if it did work, you cant do any trading on the iOS app, which is kind of the whole point (and they dont tell you until after you purchase the app and load it for the first time) Stay clear of this one.

Featureless, Buggy

Doesnt allow me to access my profile, crashes when I try. The app looks clunky and they dont tell you that you cannot trade with it until you find it out yourself. I wish I could rate this 0/5 stars due to them taking my $0.99, dont do what I did. Just use the website.


Your local scamware two bit wanna be teenager programmer has put this together just for you. Today he wants your Cryptsy username and password for his stealing pleasure. If you have a clue then just thank me in spirit and move on and write a review to help the next person. The nerve of some people.

Best way to cash in Bitcoins

This news by The Heisinger Foundation...

Not affiliated with Cryptsy

This app is not affiliated with the cryptocurrency exchange site Cryptsy as the name and font suggest. Not happy.

Only app that will let you trade on cryptsy

This app can be used to trade on cryptsy! Ive had this app for several months. New features are added regularly so you know its constantly being developed. It does what it says it can do!

Trading is not supported!!!

Description says trading is supported. Once you install it, now all of the sudden "trading is not supported for iOS devices".

Cant give it zero stars

Terrible. Just utterly useless. Does not show USD/BTC, cant link through API key, requests qr code that cryptsy site does not generate, slow ticker, just awful. Complete waste of $2. Kraken is doing better with their app and its free.

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